Oh, so you’d like to know a little about me, dear?

Have a seat.. Let me tell you EVERYTHING.


I’ve been in a process of reclaiming my reckless abandon since the minute I stepped foot in NYC. I dabbled in the professional and not so professional world of the sex industry, played in and out of relationships of all genders and orientations on all spectrums known to man, cried through so many healing sessions to re-write, re-work, and re-wire my inner programing…

I didn’t know it at the time, but my entire life I’d been doing hands on research into sexuality, pleasure, pain, trauma, and re-invention.  I’ve always been a student, and continue to be one.

Chakra Yoga Teacher Training with The Giving Tree Yoga Studio

I am a certified Erotic Blueprint Coach through Jaiya's trainings and teaching. The work will blow your mind. 

Media and Mentions

“...I lived such a stifled life,” she says. “I thought I had to be the perfect wife and mother. Twenty years from now, I want to have created a community of people who are soldiers of joy and pleasure. This is my life’s purpose...”

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What is a Sex Coach? 

Sex and healing is a process of continual growth and expansion.  This list of certifications continues to blossom as I continue to grow in my work.

Essential Oils Education with doTERRA’s top distributors –namely Dr. Zia Nix

meet me 

Chakra Therapy Training with Anodea Judith, author of Wheels of Life and frontrunner of the Western Chakra Psychology Movement

Dominatrix training with the one and only Mistress Sade in NYC