"Each day Genevieve would work with me on releasing different parts of my creativity, focusing my mind, rooting my feet into the earth, lifting my heart to the sky and opening my voice to truth and wisdom. I walked out on stage every night feeling like nothing could stop me, absolutely prepared physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. New York can be an intense city to live in, especially as an artist, but when you find someone who touches your inner life and reminds you who you really are, you'll remember that life is just a journey and we should always remember to be present in every moment. That is the gift that Genevieve is. A light to help you relight."      - F.R., Los Angeles

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Erotic Blueprint Course


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         October 2017


Essential Oils 101

Sunday, October 1st

2-4 pm

Tired of turning to rigid Western medical structures to support the health of you and your family? Ready to find out what the magic in the little brown bottles is all about? Desiring to detoxify your home, bedroom, and personal products?

Join Genevieve, Essential Oils Educator, Chakra Healer, and Pleasure Coach, in an intimate class to learn all about the energy of essential oils, how to heal yourself and your family naturally, and how to solve issues that have been bugging you for years using completely natural solutions.  It's pretty bad ass. 


Spots limited to 6 people.  Address will be emailed after you RSVP - location will be in Astoria. See you there, my darling!