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"When I went there that night, I was anxious for a sense of change in my life.  Up until that point, I was feeling very unfulfilled as both an actor and an individual.  I didn't exactly know why.  I was pursuing the dreams I'd always had.  I was working hard... but I still felt cut off from something vital.  It was as if all my pursuits were almost cursory and I was missing out on something I couldn't recognize or sense.  As a result, I felt aggravated and angry at my restaurant job.  I was short with people... Once, I sat down and couldn't get out of my head for no good reason.  I felt bypassed by other people, lost. Other days I felt wonderful but the feelings were fleeting. It bothered me and left me doubting a lot about myself and my capacity to JUST BE.

Genevieve changed all that... with a wonderful series of one-on-one sessions that added up to three of some of the most beatiful hours of my life.  Since then, my entire attitude has changed.  I find beauty and fulfillment in the simplest things.  I'm more content, more self-aware.  People respond to me differently and I see them - and who I am - with greater clarity then ever before.  I look in the mirror now and I'm proud of the strides I've made and the changes I've affected.  I've grown and I continue to grow every day thanks, in large part, to Genevieve and her beautiful ability to show me myself.  There aren't enough stars on any scale to properly rate my experience with her."

- J.S., NYC


Kink Exploration Sessions

Have you been looking to explore the darker side of things? Desiring a taste of the taboo?

In our private/couples kink coaching, you’ll get a chance to play in the realm of the naughty, exploring BDSM to your comfort level.  

Genevieve uses the skills that she learned as a professional Domina, as well as from her own personal experience, to work with various energy and preference in the world of BDSM.  Specifically, Genevieve delights in working with the following delicious kinks:

-       Psychological Kink: Exploring  Domination and submission in the psychological sphere

-       Basic sensation play: Exploring Sadism and masochism in a safe container

-    Finding access points to kink through various sexual templates, this is especially awesome to introduce your partner to kink

- Reducing shame around fetishes and fantasies

- Infusing kink into your everyday life to create sizzling anticipation all day long

- Using kink to work through fear, repressed emotion, and blocks in the body

"I came out as kinky to my husband last year. We have been struggling ever since to help him understand why I love power play, pain, and submission. Genevieve... show[ed] my husband how Dom energy works, how I respond to pain play and submission, and why it means so much to me.


Her awareness of safety, consent, and Sub space made me feel completely safe in her hands. She not only gave me a deeply meaningful and pleasurable D/S session, but explained to my husband and our group of supporting witnesses at each step what was happening, how I was responding, and how it all works.


I can’t thank her enough for her professional, compassionate, and super hot Dom[me] work! I HIGHLY recommend Genevieve for any kink play, training, and education."

-A. R., New Mexico


Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course

Coming in August 2017

"Before my sex coaching with Genevieve, I was not prioritizing sex and pleasure. Understanding my sexuality was not really on my mind. I was stuck in a place of resistance and afraid to try new things sexually.


I now understand I was depriving myself. Even though I was not actively having sex with anyone during my coaching period, I still benefitted from the coaching and learned that self-pleasure is important too.


I went into this journey thinking I was an energetic sensual, and it turns out that I am a strong sexual kinky with a side of energetic (I'm proud of this label now). I looked down upon the kinkies in the beginning and it turned out I was one...


Genevieve normalized my need for connection and intimacy before getting sexual with anyone, which was really important for me. I needed that to be validated. My kinky side needs to feel completely safe, comfortable and nurtured before she can come out to play. She held a non-judgmental space for me to explore my turn ons, and now I'm curious to try new things I never would have considered before, like Shibari, the art of erotic Japanese bondage."  - B. L., NYC


Chakra Reprogramming

 -Have you felt blocked?

–Are you uncovering or moving through a trauma?

-Are you grieving a relationship, a loved one, a career?

-Are you transitioning into a new phase of your life


In our private/couples chakra healing sessions, Genevieve works with the energy in your body to restore it to its natural state of divine intention.  The energy in the body naturally wants to find a state of ease and peace - Genevieve uses her ability to read energy flow and empathically sense pain/grief in the body to position you and move you through exercises needed to release blocks.


She will work physically with the body so that it can unlock any old patterning, leaving you with a reprogrammed system that will enable to you to find true presence, pleasure, purpose, and passion in your life.  


In couples work, Genevieve will help you to assess your own energy centers and how to ask for what you need, so that your partner can meet your energy where it is needed. You’ll also be able to hold your partner’s energy as they work through any pain that may be moving through them.  An excellent supplement to the kink coaching program, or done on its own to bring your partnership closer, more connected, and more fulfilling.

“I knew the moment I met Genevieve that she would be able to help me. Her presence is calming, soothing, and she is incredibly wise. I felt it all immediately. When we met, I was in a very challenging place, facing the struggle of having left a job I loved dearly but where they treated me very badly, needing to confront painful issues with both of my parents (still harboring the scars of a divorce that happened 10 years prior), and feeling very lost about my future and fate. Once our five weeks of sessions were finished, I was feeling grounded, calm, strong, confident, and filled with assurance that I could face my future and anything that might come up to challenge me. Genevieve armed me with the tools I needed to become the person I've always hoped I could be. If I could afford it, I would see her every week all the time. She is magical, she is majestic, and I am grateful to know her. I plan to return to her as soon as I am able, for a tune-up and to be sure I am on track energetically.” –A.T., NYC

“I highly recommend working with Genevieve if you need to heal and renew your life energy. Genevieve is an amazing, intuitive healer. Her ability to read and adjust chakra energy is life affirming. Her insights and understanding are spot on and she knows just what to do to help one release static/trapped energy. She helped me release years of grief from my heart chakra and lighten my spirit through release exercises, chakra energy rebalancing, and gentle yoga poses. My sessions with her were so healing and lightening for me, lifting an incredible weight from my heart, my body, and my mind. I continuously recommend Genevieve to all my friends and personally plan to work with her as often as I can throughout this lifetime.”  –M.G., NYC


Aromatouch Healing 

One of the most significant obstacles to living a life of purpose and passion is having a body that isn’t working with you.  The aromatouch session is a totally restorative 45 minute session involving eight different doTERRA Essential Oils applied to the body in repetitive, gentle movements to work on the parasympathetic nervous system, immune system, hormones, adrenal/cortisol levels, and detoxification of the body.  It was developed by a group of scientists and is a very systematic way of applying the oils.  This is a surefire way to boost libido, as we are only beginning to learn the effects of internal body systems on sexual vitality.  This is also wonderful for pain management, inflammation, emotional healing, stress management, and immune support.

"I had an AromaTouch Healing session with Genevieve on Saturday, and it was an incredible experience. I have always had issues with anxiety and found it difficult to fully relax. But this was something else. It brought me into a zen-like state that lasted for the remainder of the day and helped me to sleep for a full 12 hours that evening. I even woke up the next day feeling at peace and ready for whatever came my way. I would recommend this to anyone needing to refocus, and I will certainly be scheduling another visit soon."

- J. C. NYC


Private Essential Oils consultation

Essential Oils are a huge component of Genevieve’s healing and reclamation practice.  In this session, Genevieve will arm you with the tools that you need to take back your emotional, physical, and energetic health.  You will learn about the value of using Essential Oils in your daily regimen, and also spend a lot of time going into specific health concerns that you may feel the desire to address.  You will leave this session feeling empowered and ready to take back your vital forces!

"I’ve used the essential oils that she recommended..., and they have gotten me through some of the most stressful periods of my life.  Highly recommend!" – C.F., LA