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Business Partnership Opportunity

Genevieve is currently expanding her business across the US and is in the process of interviewing energetic, bold, self-motivated people to join her in her vision. She currently has two spots available.

Our bad-ass business partners have the following attributes:

- Consistently committed to spiritual and personal growth

- Natural leadership abilities and a desire to make an impact

- Willingness to take coaching and apply next steps to their business

- Persistent and determined.. able to stick to the higher vision when stuff gets tough.

- Strives in a community/team of people. When struggling, reaches out quickly and efficiently for support.

- Looking to replace their income completely within 6-12 months (or add six figures' salary to their current income)

- A love and commitment to healing the planet and empowering others

- A love and commitment to healing and upleveling their own health and wellbeing

- Able to dedicate 20-30 hours per week to growing their doTERRA business

- Loves DANCE PARTIES. Seriously.

This is not your "typical" business - so get rid of everything you think you know and get ready for freedom in literally every area of your life.

It's what happened to me - I'll tell you my story when we connect, darling.

"I basically cyber stalked Genevieve to work with her. (not that I encourage people to do it) That's how awesome she is. She believes in me when I can't. She saw what's possible in me and gave me both tangible and spiritual/energetic guidance. She see things through and gives advice that's spot on. The best thing about working with her is that she doesn't give you BS. She will be honest with you. And that's because she cares. She cares about her clients/team and what she does. The amount of growth I made since I started is just ridiculous. I rarely recognize myself. I am so fortunate and grateful to be able to work with her. "   - Y.K., New York City



Genevieve regularly looks for volunteers who are committed to the sexual expansion and freedom of the world.  

The best way to become a volunteer is to attend one of Genevieve's events. 

Due to the intimate nature of the work, all volunteers will be going through training and must have attended at least one workshop prior to volunteering!