Begins November 1, 2019 

Are you running on exhaustion?

Feeling disconnected from your pleasure?

Do you know how powerful you are, but struggle to connect to the Source of your power? 

Are you confused about where to go next in life and wanting easy tools to dive deep into your intuition?

One of my top tools to discover the magic within is to have a daily pleasure practice. This will lead you to show up more fully, confidently, and radiantly in your life bringing you exactly everything that you desire: financial prosperity, surrendered spirituality, and mind-blowing s*x. 


This isn't simply a 4-Day accountability challenge. 


In this carefully curated week-long endeavor,

1. I will be gifting you with real-time daily video prompts [every day at 11am EST/8am PST] where I demo and explain exactly how to tap into your body's desires.  

2. I will be taking you through powerful pleasure techniques meant for grounding, healing, clearing, pleasure, and expansion throughout the week.


3. Of course, loves, I'll also be available to answer any questions or concerns as you go along.

4. I will be there with you, cheering the way, as you begin to unlock the ecstasy of your being!   

5. You will become part of a community of Pleasurists and Pleasuristas in The Pleasure Tribe.  The Pleasure Tribe is my family and have been with me since the beginning.  In there, you'll be able to share and connect with other people devoted to putting pleasure first!

6.  Winners of the challenge will win over $2,500 worth of prizes! 

The Self-Pleasure Challenge is your unique opportunity to reclaim the fullness of your being through guided, personalized techniques!

You will finish the self-pleasure challenge feeling completely rejuvenated, full of fire and passion, and deeply connected to your own inner compass 

I'm super honored to be able to gift this experience to you. In the past, I've done this for a significant investment. 

I feel strongly that this method of finding Self again can shift the vibration of the planet, so I'm offering it to all of you FREE. 

Just ask our  previous participants

This week has taken me to places I have never previously dared to go, and I am truly grateful to our Tribe. Being able to share like this has itself been a huge turn on for me, and I love this. My upbringing would never have allowed me to go anywhere near this in a million years. Lilith, who is amongst us, would smile, and know that we are each stepping gently, and in safety, into the light of our souls.” - Peter 

My confidence and self-awareness  has skyrocketed.......

"Doing your self pleasure course was absolutely amazing. I’ve always been a sex driven girl. Dirty jokes, always thinking of sex and flirty but since having kids and working, my days were boring and mundane and sex became just another thing on the ‘to do’ list. Since doing this course I’ve genuinely woken up. Sex has become adventurous and open and naughty again. Seriously. Honestly. I need more of you in my life. My confidence and self awareness has sky rocketed into a level I’ve never been at before. Between this and mama gena I’ve got wild pussy power. Haha  Thank you  again for all you do."

"Before the challenge, I was just beginning to be aware of the mental, emotional, and energetic blocks surrounding my sacral chakra and sexuality. Consistently making time for self-intimacy and reflection has helped me understand myself and my turn-ons, and helped foster a compassion within me for my sexy self. Miracles I witnessed included seeing true raw beauty in the silver stretchmarks that cross my belly. This was the first time I've felt love towards this part of my body. Another first, I had sex with my husband while I was on my period- and it was SO good. I have become such a more effective communicator with my body's wants and needs for pleasure or silence, for intimacy or space and I respect her needs. I can challenge past ways of thinking "period sex is painful and gross" or "rope tying is about power imbalance". Rather than attaching a preconceived stigma to exploring my sexuality, I have learned to simply listen to my body and do what makes me feel good. This is a lesson I needed to learn, being a not fully-out bisexual/polyamorous. I am beyond grateful for this enlightening experience. I still have so much to learn from my body. I need to learn more ways to make her feel alive, balanced, loved, and respected. This experience has given me the power of body awareness and I am overwhelmed with gratitude 💗Thank you, Genevieve !  - Becky Ortega

I find myself blossoming on my own- being more and more open to receiving. Same thing with a partner! Blows my mind in the best way - Bess

When we began this challenge, I wasn’t fully aware of how many and how strong the blocks were in my body. I have a LONG way to grow and heal but these daily practices brought so much awareness and hope to me. I’ve given myself permission to ask for what I want, to give myself what I need, and know that it’s okay to do so. I don’t get mad at my body when she’s scared or remembering pain from the past. I’ve learned how much more healing it is to lean into the pain, acknowledge it, crack open, and expand. So grateful for the guidance and support from this group. I love my body!!

I've been feeling pleasurable and making it a point to just simply be pleasure. Life has slowed down and my default is no longer stress. - Danielle

Going from hardly self-pleasuring to daily this past week has really manifested some wonderful people and opportunities into my life already. I’m so grateful for feeling yummy and enjoying my own touch🌼 this has been fantastic! - Larissa

Waking up this morning has me feeling creative and grateful for this group. I pushed boundaries and changed how I self pleasure because of these exercises. Typically my self pleasure was a fast rub to my clitoris to get I include all of me, I feel less guilt around it because we all made it ok to do it! I fully realize that bringing my sex energy into the creative manifestation will blow it wide open. THANK YOU so much for all of this!” - Christina


When I started this I was in a really dark place- letting go of not just that home but everything it stabilized me from- addiction, depression, anxiety, physical pain, etc. preparing myself to let all my darkness consume me however it will. Preparing to completely surrender to my shadow. And this practice came up and it just grabbed me. I felt drawn to it and felt a curiosity for pleasure in this space that I wanted to explore. I have spent the whole week pleasuring myself in every way and today I feel creative and inspired and hopeful. I’m so grateful. This has been so enlightening. Thank you - Micaela


My power/Feminine essence is a lot more "visible" the deeper I'm dropping into my body sensations. Which makes perfect sense. Noticing I naturally get offered things, like going ahead in the queue or doors opened etc. Been asked out twice today as well, which is very unusual for me.

Think before I was nervous of boundary setting/upsetting others so would avoid being too much in my femininity. Realising I can be noticed but still be very much in my centre and power!! Very exciting 💜 - Clare

Genevieve is your go-to expert on the Erotic. She is a Sexual Expansion Speaker and Guide who has been influencing the Erotic Arts for the past 15 years. She plays full out in all areas of Spirit. She is a Certified Erotic Blueprint™ Coach (as seen on The View, The Talk, Oprah Magazine, People Magazine, and more) under Jaiya (sexologist for Tony Robbins, Julianne Hough, and other major leaders), Former Professional Dominatrix and Accelerated Evolution Coach under Satyen Raja (trainer for T Harv Eker, Colin Sprake, and Gabor Maté, to name a few). Genevieve is also certified in Somatic-Based Chakra Therapy by Anodea Judith, author of Eastern Body, Western Mind and Wheels of Life and has a background in psychotherapy, graduating Magna Cum Laude from Marymount Manhattan College in NYC. Through her one-on-one coaching and New York based workshops, Genevieve guides you in freeing your sexual shame and conditioning so that you can show up FULLY in love and rediscover your liberated self.  From there, everything is possible.